Fixing Plumbing Issues – Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure can happen in any home. It is inconvenient and there are several possible reasons why water pressure would suddenly weaken.  And while most possible reasons do not have serious implications, some possible causes clue in the owner to more serious plumbing concerns.

Before calling a plumbing company though, homeowners can do a simple routine check just to rule out concerns that do not need professional intervention to fix.

Dealing with low water pressure issues

Before calling for plumber service, the homeowner should first check with the water utility board if there are any announcements about a water supply interruption or an advisory about a weak water supply. If there is an advisory then most likely that is the reason why water pressure is lowered in the property. If there are no announcements, it will also help to ask the next-door neighbor if they are having similar issues. It could be a local problem that homeowners could report to the board.

The homeowner should also check if the water valves at home are turned on all the way through. Sometimes, when the water valves are just opened halfway through, it could affect the water pressure within the property.

Cleaning the plumbing fixtures

If the problem is isolated within the property, the homeowner could then check out the faucets and showers within his home. if low water pressure only affects one or two faucets, then the homeowner may want to try cleaning the fixture for possible hard water or sediment build-up.

In areas with a hard water supply, homeowners should clean their faucets and showerheads regularly as these could block the regular flow of water. A soft-bristled brush and a water-vinegar solution can help clear out these impurities that affect water pressure. 

Persistently low water pressure

If after cleaning the faucets and showerheads, water pressure is still low then the weak supply could be due to other factors. These include leaking burst pipes, clogged pipes, corroded pipes, and problems with the plumbing fixtures. Get in touch with a local plumber that could address the issue right away.

While the plumber is there, the homeowner should take advantage of his presence and have broken fixtures repaired. Ask the plumbing contractor to do faucet repair, drain cleaning, shower repair, among other maintenance needs within the house.